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As any victim will testify, dog bites can be very painful and traumatic experiences. You may require time off from work in order to fully heal or be forced to undergo reconstructive surgery or other medical treatment. As a Billings personal injury lawyer, I am prepared to stand by you and help you pursue the compensation you deserve for your pain and suffering.

In the near-decade I have been representing injury victims, I have vigorously worked to secure damages for countless individuals. I am also a Billings Municipal Court Judge Pro Tem, which means I have an intimate knowledge of the law and courtroom proceedings, both of which can prove immeasurably useful in your personal injury case.

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What is the law on dog bites?

In Montana, if a dog bite or attack takes place in a city or town, the dog owners are typically held liable for the injury, regardless if the animal had a history of violent behavior or not. The law only stipulates that the victim must not have provoked the dog to attack and must have legally been allowed on the premises.

Outside of cities or towns, dog owners are only liable for damages if they are aware of their dog's violent propensity and are not liable for the first bite or attack.

To start crafting the best possible case, you should provide an attorney with:

  • Pictures of any injuries you have sustained as soon as they took place
  • Clothing or other attire which may have been damages in the attack
  • Medical documentation describing your injuries and treatment
  • Bills from any doctor or physical therapist
  • Witness statements or information

During your deposition, you will have the chance to give your statement and explain how you were injured. It is important that you go over this statement with an attorney to ensure that you give the best possible explanation of your attack and subsequent injuries.

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