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In a legal decision with far-reaching consequences, the North Dakota Supreme Court has claimed mineral rights along the Missouri River between the low and high water marks, or the “shore zone”. This has resulted in oil companies paying out millions to the state rather than to the individual landowners who believed they possessed rights to the minerals on their land. Unfortunately, the legal decision left unclear how the state would determine the high water mark, causing the unconstitutional seizing of private resources.

If you possess land along the Missouri River currently being drilled for oil or minerals, you may be entitled to royalty payments currently held in suspense. As North Dakota has already laid claim to the natural resources along the shore zone—using a self-serving, scientifically-questionable survey—your only legal recourse is to hire an attorney to fight for your interests and challenge the scientific validity of the high water mark survey.

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Hughes Law, PLLC has been serving the residents of North Dakota with skilled representation in complex cases for years. As a former civil defense lawyer, our litigation attorney knows what it takes to resolve cases successfully. She has represented individuals, small companies, and Fortune 500 companies in complex litigation and has achieved incredible results for them time and time again.

When it comes to high water mark cases in North Dakota, Attorney Hughes is among a small group of attorneys who have handled these cases before. We understand what it takes to challenge the State’s claim to money that rightfully belongs to the good people of North Dakota. Our firm’s experience and record of effective results for North Dakota landowners gives you the strongest possible chance of success.

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