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My name is Jacqueline Hughes, and as the founder of Hughes Law Firm, PLLC, I believe that in order to be an outstanding legal advocate, you first need to have excellent people skills and be a great person. Everyone has legal rights, but in my experience, the average person is unware of their legal protections.

Since I first opened my practice, it has been my objective to serve clients according to Albert Einstein's position on truth and justice. This means that when it comes to truth and justice, there is no difference between small and large cases, every person deserves the best possible legal advocacy.

I am dedicated to treat my clients with the utmost level of respect and professional courtesy, and this means providing my service with empathy and understanding, while being aggressive in the courtroom. As a Glendive personal injury attorney, it is my goal to provide you with the tenacious legal representation that you need and deserve.

Strategic, Methodical Legal Representation

When you choose Hughes Law, PLLC, you can be rest assured that your attorney will handle all of the legal work for you. I will work with medical providers to get your bills paid, I will investigate the facts of your case and gather all supporting evidence and documentation. If your case encounters any difficulties, I am prepared to take it to trial if it would be in your best interests.

I served in the Montana Army National Guard, and I have experience as a defense attorney, where I defended numerous corporations in personal injury claims. This experience gave my invaluable knowledge and insight into the opposition, and I use it to my clients' advantage every day.

Whether your case involves a minor car accident, or a large medical malpractice case against a prominent physician, I will offer you nothing short of strategic, methodical legal representation aimed at achieving the best possible outcome.

Types of Personal Injury Cases I Handle

In addition to handling standard personal injury claims, I have a distinctive background in FELA/railroad injuries as well as oil, gas and mineral royalty claims.

I can handle the following types of cases:

Strong, Compassionate Legal Advocacy in Glendive

When you're injured in an accident, the stress of arguing with the insurance company for fair compensation is overwhelming and counterproductive to the healing process. When you're looking for strong and compassionate legal advocacy, turn to an attorney who understands what you need, and how to deliver it. You need peace of mind, and you need an attorney who will protect your rights to the fullest extent of their abilities. For the diligent representation you deserve, contact Hughes Law, PLLC.

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