Oil, Gas & Mineral Rights

Oil and gas law is an increasingly technical industry. This commerce also stands by the age-old principles of property ownership and contract law and is further complicated by frequently changing legislation. Therefore, if you get into a complicated debate over oil, gas, or mineral rights, you shouldn't tackle this alone. I am a skilled oil, gas, & mineral rights attorney focused on assisting you in your case.

Unique Experience in Oil and Gas Law

I am able to assist clients in a wide variety of oil, gas, and mineral rights situations. Some of my services include:

  • Examining titles
  • Advising clients about mineral and property ownership
  • Preparing curative documents
  • Pursuing other quiet title remedies
  • Researching and interpreting operating agreements
  • Ensuring all company compliances
  • Determining breach of agreement situations

I do all that I can to keep my clients out of litigation. This requires proficient legal research skills and precise attention to detail. I am willing to put in this extra effort to best represent my clients and work toward the best results in my cases.

When Litigation is the Only Option

There are some oil, gas and mineral cases in which litigation cannot be avoided. I have represented national corporations in every aspect of litigation, from witness interviews and depositions to preparation of pretrial motions. I have also worked on jury trials and worked to completion of the appeals process.

I have successfully presented appeals to the Montana Supreme Court and before the Ninth Circuit of Appeals. If you are in need of assistance in your oil and gas case and believe that you will need to litigate, I can help. I am uniquely qualified to take on your case and work to help you meet your goals.

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