Personal Injury FAQ

Counsel from a Billings Injury Attorney

No matter what kind of personal injury accident you've been involved in, the results can be long-lasting and often very painful. You may have suffered physical injury, or perhaps your emotions and finances are in utter turmoil, as well. As a Billings personal injury attorney with several years of experience, I am here for you.

I founded Hughes Law, PLLC with the intention of fighting for the rights of my clients to ensure that their suffering would not go unnoticed. Every day since then, my firm has dedicated itself to delivering personal and compassionate legal guidance unlike anywhere else. If you have questions about your personal injury claim, the frequently asked questions below can serve as an excellent resource. Alternatively, don't hesitate to call my firm for skilled representation for whatever you are facing.

How much will I receive in compensation?
It can be difficult to say for sure until your case has been researched and evaluated. Everyone's circumstances are different, so before determining what your case is worth, it is important to consider several things. These things include past and future medical bills, suffering as a result of your injury, and lost wages.

Why do I need a personal injury attorney?
While it might seem easier to just represent yourself, this can be extremely difficult to do without a comprehensive understanding of personal injury law. An attorney can act as the go-between for you and the insurance companies, as well as fight for the highest available level of compensation possible.

What is the significance of 'negligence'?
Negligence is one of the most important parts of a personal injury case. In its most basic sense, negligence is when someone fails to exercise reasonable caution to prevent harm from coming to another individual. In order to successfully prove fault, you must prove that the other party acted negligently.

If the insurance company offers me a settlement, what should I do?
Sadly enough, insurance agencies want to get away with paying victims as little money as they can. Oftentimes, the company will quickly offer a small amount of money in order to get your case out of the way. Your attorney should always deal with the insurance company so you can avoid a low payout.

How long will my case take?
The length of your case is dependent on your injuries and the cooperation of other parties involved. Some cases take mere months, while others can last several years.

What will it cost me to file a claim?

Upfront, it will cost you nothing. Because personal injury claims can incur heavy expenses, my law firm will finance the cost of litigation, so you do not pay a cent. You will only pay a fee if my firm wins a settlement or verdict for you. This arrangement is known as a contingency fee agreement. If you win, my firm will receive a portion of the settlement or verdict you receive to cover our fee and the costs of the trial.

I would be honored to represent you as a Billings personal injury attorney. If you are interested in learning more about how I can assist your personal injury claim, contact Hughes Law, PLLC to schedule your free consultation.